What is SFTP?


Within Beckon, there are instances in which a secured method to transfer files is required, and for that purpose, the Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP). This article contains a general overview of the protocol, and why is it used instead of the File Transfer Protocol (FTP).


The industry-standard FTP transfers files in a non-encrypted form, so it is feasible to "sniff" the data over the wire. At Beckon, we take security seriously and support only SFTP. This industry-standard variant is an alternative to FTP and ensures that all data is encrypted end-to-end.

The best practice is to use public key cryptography, in which you generate a public and private key pair, and provide only the public key to Beckon. Keep in mind that Beckon does not use the private key, so it should retained securely. With your public key and username, we can authenticate you and provide authorization to transfer files to the server over a secure and encrypted connection.

Alternatively, if your software does not support public/private keys, we also support password-based authentication. With your username and password, we can authenticate and authorize you and transfer files over a secure and encrypted connection.



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