Updating & maintaining dimension mapping


As new data comes in, some dimension mapping can get outdated. This article shows how the tech agents can update and maintain the dimension mapping.



Let us take an example. Imagine that a user is ingesting their "Sales by City" data into Beckon. Since the user's company wants their Sales data to be viewed by "Region", where the coverage of regions tends to change, dimension mapping is used to map Cities to Regions. For example:

City Region
San Francisco West
New York East
Los Angeles West
Denver Mountain

This works great and the user can now chart the "Sales by Region" data. However, as new sales data comes in for additional cities, say Austin, Detroit, and Seattle; the dimension mapping table is no longer up-to-date and needs to be updated to map these new cities to their corresponding Regions. Without this mapping, Austin, Detroit, and Seattle will be mapped to "Unassigned" Regions.

The dimension mapping page highlights the mapping files which have ' ' values so that corresponding mapping can be done. 


Example: Illustration above shows 2 dimension mapping files have unmapped values.


To update an existing mapping file, click on the file name to download it. Both mapped and unmapped values will be downloaded. Add or edit the entries as needed, then upload the file back in for changes to take effect. 


 Example: Illustration above shows steps to download, update and upload mapping file


Once the updated file is uploaded, the mappings updated and the number of unmapped values shown should reflect the same.


Example: Illustration above shows all dimension mapping are up-to-date.  



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