Viewing Data on Beckon Dashboard


This article aims to guide you on how to view data on the Beckon Dashboard.


Step by Step Guide

  1. Access your Beckon Dashboard and go to Insights > Analyze > Answer. The Answers page lets you view the Beckon's charting tool.


  1. On the metric selection tool, select the metric you'd like to view.


  1. Next, select a dimension/s you'd like to view for this metric. This menu will display only the dimensions available for the metric selection.
    • Optional: You may also leave this selection as All Marketing to view all data for this metric.

In this example, we're looking at the Lunch Rating of our Beckon Employees. We selected 3 dimensions for viewing: all kind of pizza, all the things! and all you can eat.


You may also decide to view during a certain time period or compare your metric's performance with a different metric.


  1. After we have our selections in place, let's take a look at the chart settings area on the right-hand side. Beckon shows a default chart for your metric and dimension combination.
    1. To change the chart type:
      • Select from a number of styles. The charts that are grayed out are not available for your type of query as they would not make sense for the type of data you are viewing.


Choose a bar chart for the Lunch Rating graph.


To name your chart:

  • Find an editable Name and Description on top of the chart.


  1. Fill up the Add to Dashboard window if you wish to have your charts be visible in the dashboard.


  1. Click Save on the top right corner of the Answers page. 

NOTE: Review the title and description you chose for your chart. This reminds viewers of the purpose of the chart.



The chart is now visible on the dashboard

NOTE: The chart will continue to get the updated data.




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