Using Scheduled Reports


Scheduled Reports are an easy way to keep track of your KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). With Scheduled Reports, you no longer need to proactively log in to your dashboard. Simply choose the KPIs you and your team would like to follow closely, and you’ll get reports on those KPIs delivered to your inbox every day, week or month. The email will get sent out only if we get new or updated data.


  1. Go to the Scheduled Reports tab by navigating to Operate > Data Management > Scheduled Reports and click on the Create New Scheduled Report button.
  2. Select the 'Subject Line' and 'Introduction' for your email. You can also define when you want to get the email in the Check for data section. Screen_Shot_2018-01-25_at_1.17.04_PM.png
  3. Select the recipients/groups that you want the email to go to.
  4. Create the KPI query, and in LINK TO, select the option "Scorecard or Dashboard," as it provides more insights. You can add multiple KPIs in the same email.Screen_Shot_2018-01-25_at_1.40.38_PM.png

Scheduled Report Email

The scheduled report email you receive will compare the latest value and previous value. See the example below:


Note: the email comes with an unsubscribe link at the bottom for the recipient to unsubscribe from the email, if needed. 



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