What can I add to a scorecard?

To create a scorecard, navigate to the scorecards page and click the "Create New Scorecard" button.


Then you can go ahead and start adding elements to your scorecard.

You can configure your scorecard by adding or editing these items:

  1. Dimension/Data Filter
  2. Date Filter
  3. Columns
  4. Tiles



1. Change the data filter by clicking on the button for "All Marketing". You can select a dimension that will filter all of the data in the columns and tiles below. 


2. Change the date filter by click the button labeled "ALL TIME" if you want to filter down to a more specific date range. If left as "ALL TIME" the data will include all data with no date limits. 


3. Add Columns by click the button labeled "ADD A CATEGORY". This will create a column that you can add tiles to. 



4. Add Tiles to Columns by clicking "ADD A METRIC OR FORMULA". A window will open where you can specify a query, label it, set a target amount and add any settings of what you would like it to look like. 


Click "Create Tile" to add it to the column.


To edit or zoom into the tile, hover over the tile and these options will appear:



Download our scorecard training guide to learn more about scorecards!
Beckon Scorecard Training (Q4 2018, Final).pdf





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