What is Data Certification?


Data Certification allows an account to go through Quality Assurance (QA) mode when receiving new data. If this mode is activated, the new data is not automatically uploaded to the application until it has been certified. The alternate mode, called Auto Certification, is activated on all accounts by default.


If you do not see the Data Version information while hovering on the account section of the Navigation Bar, you do not have the proper privileges to view.Screen_Shot_2018-01-31_at_3.24.51_PM.png

A new account will start on Version 1 and have the Auto Certified check. If you do not wish to certify data, leave everything as-is. Otherwise, you can uncheck Auto Certified.Screen_Shot_2018-01-31_at_3.26.34_PM.png
Once unchecked, the page will reload, and you will notice that a Certified Version has been added: 

Once the new data has been uploaded and indexed by Beckon's system, there should be a red dot on the Data Certification icon. This means Beckon is ready to certify data.

The Certified Version will differ from the normal version now. As you keep uploading data, the version number will increase, while the Certified Version number will remain the same until a QA Data is performed. Once QA is applied to a particular version, the Certified Version will match that.


If you click QA Data, it will display the latest version of data. 

You will notice the Data Version menu has changed to display QA Mode now.


Hovering over that section will indicate on which states of Data Version you are in:

  • Certified and latest.
  • Certified but there is a latest.
  • QA mode (viewing latest). 

If you click into the Data Version, you should see similar to this:


Note: notice how the options on the bottom have changed.

If you click View Certified,  you will go back to the last Certified Version of data. If you have verified the latest version of data looks good, you can click the Certify This Data button. Now, it should be Certified again:


If you click into Data Version, the version and Certified Version will match and you will no longer have the option to certify or view certified.




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