Creating a Connector


Connectors are used to pull data into Beckon. This article provides a step-by-step guide to create a new connector in Beckon.


  1. Navigate to Data > Connectors and click Create New Connector.Screen_Shot_2018-01-25_at_2.24.41_PM.png
  2. Select the data source type you wish to import. In this example, we are selecting Google Analytics.Screen_Shot_2018-01-25_at_2.26.23_PM.png
  3.  Select which Google Analytics account you want to pull data from, then click Next.Screen_Shot_2018-01-25_at_1.50.44_PM.png
  4.  Select which Google Analytics profile you want to pull data from.Screen_Shot_2018-01-25_at_1.54.37_PM.png
  5. Select which Google Analytics metrics you wish you pull into Beckon. In this example, we are selecting ga:users and ga:visitors. Click next to visit the transformer panel.Screen_Shot_2018-01-25_at_2.14.11_PM.png
  6. Select your transformer from the dropdown. If you do not know which transformer to select, choose MappingTransformer. After selecting your transformer, verify to which metrics your selected Google Analytics metrics are going to map. Then proceed to the next screen.Screen_Shot_2018-01-25_at_2.16.19_PM.png
  7. This is the page for setting up your pull schedule. Select the desired options accordingly and click Next when finishedScreen_Shot_2018-01-25_at_2.20.29_PM.png
  8. Now you are all set.



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