How to set up an email connector?

Files that are emailed into your Beckon account will default to an "Attached Only" action. In order for files sent via email to be imported, an email connector needs to be set up. To set up an email connector:

  1. Go to the "Connect" > "Connectors".
  2. On the top right corner, click on "Create New Data Source".
  3. Search for the email connector icon:
  4. You will see the following modal:
  5. Fill in the required fields accordingly:
    Index Field Description
    1 Data Source Name (required) Acts like a folder on the "Data" tab. Allows users to group attachments into the same location.
    2 Description (optional) Description of the connector
    3 Subject (optional) Subject of expected email
    4 From (optional) Expected email sender
    5 To (optional) Expected email recipient
    6 CC (optional) Expected email carbon copied recipients
    7 Filename (required) Expected filename to identify. Accepts regular expressions.
    8 File Upload Action (required)

     Attach Only: Attaches the file to "Files" tab
    Transform Only: Attaches file to "Files" tab and transforms the data. 
    Import: Attaches file to "Files" tab, transforms and imports file into account

  6. Once completed, click "Add Data Source".
  7. You will now see a new email connector on the "Data" tab.
  8. Files emailed into Beckon that matches all conditions specified for the connector will be routed and into this data source and identified by the transformer.



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