How do I create a new calculated metric?

  1. In order to create a new calculated metric, go to "Model", under "Metric Catalog", select "Calculated Metrics".
  2. Click on "Add New Formula" on the top right corner of the page.
  3. Fill in the following fields:
    New Formula

    Display name of the calculated metric. This field will be displayed in the metric drop-down, charts and scorecards. This field can be updated.
    Eg: "CPM" (visible in charts, scorecards and dimension dropdown)

    Click to add description

    Add the description of the formula here.
    E.g.: "CPM = Spend / Impressions"

    Human ID

    The underlying name of the calculated metric. This field cannot be updated.
    E.g.: "Cost_Per_Impression" (only visible in "Formulas" page when unhidden)

     Format Type

    CURRENCY: The calculated metric is a currency.
    DECIMAL: The calculated metric is a number.
    PERCENTAGE: The calculated metric is a percentage.


    The granularity of data. The data will always be timestamped for the last day in the period. 
    E.g.: Spend data on 1/5/2018 represents the total spend from 12/31/2017 through 1/5/2018. The frequency of this data is WEEKLY.


    The indicator of whether a calculated metric is performing better or worse when compared to prior periods.
    MAXIMIZE: a higher value indicates better performance.
    MINIMIZE: a lower value indicated better performance.


    Used in line with user permission settings.


    PRIMARY: Moves calculated metric to the top in the metric drop-down.
    STANDARD: Calculated metric is sorted alphabetically in the metric. drop-down.
    HIDDEN: Calculated metric is hidden from the metric drop-down.

     Operations (Required)

    Use this to build your formula. For more information on how to create calculated metrics, visit this page.



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